Unhandled Exception in Dynamo Engine: Happened when i added a portion to Graph

Revit 2017.2. Dynamo 1.3.

Graph is pretty straight forward:

Collects all Walls, finds those only on the selected level. Then i am grabbing the Unconnected Height and writing it to a parameter. That all works fine. Then i remembered there are model groups on the level, so i need to exclude those.

The sections in Green were made by someone else for another graph i have, and they work fine in that graph. But, when i put it in to this graph, i get the ugly Unhandled Exception every time i run it.

Naturally, it also isnt working, when i run it.

I can run it and blow away my groups (instead), but thats obviously less than ideal. There are a LOT of Groups in this project.

Parallax Team-11-Project Data-Walls-Unconnected Height-V1.dyn (18.7 KB)

So, im sort of a dumbass. I just set that Parameter to allow Variance by Group Instance, and it works fine for what i am doing.

Would still be curious what is making it angry, though.

same to my laptop. when I use same dynamo file on my desktop , it works perfect.
There for I believe it is nothing to do with the dyn file but with the Dynamo virtual machine.
I was trying to solve the issue and I have reinstalled different versions of Dynamo including the latest one, but it didn’t solve the problem. after that I have totally reinstalled the Revit. This didn’t solve the problem as well.

ok I think I have found what was causing the issue in my case. I have uninstalled these packages and it worked. not sure which one exactly causes though but I guess it is bimotphNodes