Ungroup all the elements in a family and export

Hi there,
pretty new to Dynamo, so I apologize for my dumb questions!

I’d like to create a definition to OPEN all the families in a project, UNGROUP all the elements in it (some of them has been built as model groups, and it kinda higher the file size of the family) and EXPORT them to a folder.

I saw there are similar definition to ungroup elements that are not families, but not to ungroup the contained elements in a family.

Thank you for your help!


If you are new to Dynamo and looking for a place to start, give the Dynamo Primer a good read and try out some of the exercise tutorials on this website. After that, I am sure there are some threads relating to batch opening files. Try the search function to find more.

When you feel ready, give your idea a go. We can help you with specific problems or info when you need it but we can’t do the whole thing for you.