Unfold a Mass Object

I am attempting to use the “Dynamo Unfold” package to unfold a mass object… I know it is an old set of nodes but it appears to be working… Mostly… Is anyone familair with this package? For some reason all of my surfaces that are unfolding are overlapping and also look a little out of scale from the original… Any ideas?!


Just realized my snippet didnt show the 3D viewer result…

what is the output of the SelectFaces node - is it a flat list of surfaces or a list of list of surfaces?
Try flattening it.

Thanks! That did put me one step closer… I am thinking the rest of the issues the unfold has is with the initial mass now…

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since there are still overlaps it means the initial object potentially has conflicting normals - (some pointing inward) you might try meshing or repairing the normals beforehand. Try displaying the normal vectors per face and see if anything is obvious.