Uknown warning for creating floors from curves

I’m currently getting the warning:

Warning: Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
Curve join produced more than one WIRE in Polycurve.

I have no idea what this means, can anyone clarify? I am testing out Flux and using polycurves generated in GH to create floor outlines. The outlines show up fine in the Dynamo preview. The node is procuding nulls, although I’m not sure why.

It is really not to say from what you provide the community, but as I remember it, you have curves which do not form a proper closed loop. Your preview shows some lines in the bottom of the figure, they might be the problem, try to remove those!

check also this post

Some good advice
I know it’s annoying to refer to “how-to-get-help-on-the-dynamo-forums”, but this is a community relying on other users spare time, so please provide as much information and material as needed for saving as much time as possible for those who might want to help you.

Paragraph 3… Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Thansk Erfajo. Normally I would post the file but due to the nature of it being tied to Flux there is no way to replicate the info without using my login info, so unfortunately that isn’t possible this time.

The curves are coming out of GH as ‘closed’ (ive set up an internal test for this), so I don’t believe that’s it, unless Dynamo is losing that in the io crossing? It does look like that thread you’ve posted is a similar problem, so I’ll try to go through and troubleshoot it.

If anyone’s got any other ideas I’m open to hearing. Thanks

To be more specific

From paragraph 3…
"Don’t expect that people will recreate a file based on a screen-shot"

I know that getting data from Flux won’t be possible, but you might be able to attach a csv dump from your data. Again according to paragraph 3…
“Consider including a simplified example file that includes the bare minimum for the graph to run”

Last but not least… What data structure comes from your flux curves? I don’t use Flux, they failed when turning it into a commercial software. So I dont know the data format. According to paragraph 2
"Please put ‘Watch’ nodes and notes in the graph describing what essential parts does"

Right on. I don’t think I asked for anyone to ‘do my job’ or to recreate my graph from scratch, but rather wondered if anyone had experienced a similar problem in trying to push/pull curve information through the Flux platform. As far as I’m aware there is no ‘csv dump’ equivalent to this since I suspect its an issue with conversion via JSON between DY/GH. I’ve shown the pinned internal Watch drop bars to indicate the data coming out of the bugged part of the script. Im simply wondering if anyone has received the same warning in the past.

This isn’t to bicker; I’m always genuinely happy to get any help possible on these forums and have found a lot of success in it previously. Given the constraints of what I’m able to post here, I’m just not really sure what more you’re looking for exactly…

Anyways, since there don’t seem to be any responses from others finding their way with flux it may be better to pursue it over on their own specific community boards.

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Hi @BenCon

Could you show sreenshot showing watch node @ receive from flux node.

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Hi Kulkul,

Here’s the screenshot of multiple watchnodes indicating everything here. I am still getting the same warning if I use both types of curve outline floors:

And for reference, here is the geometry in grasshopper showing all curves as simplified / closed. I’ve run it through a couple curve operators to make sure there are no kinks, etc, in their makeup.

It looks like an errant flatten earlier in the grasshopper script may have been the culprit… seems to be updating now as expected.

I have to admit though, that I do find it odd that the warning to come up was associated with the makeup of the curves rather than about tree structures not matching.