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Dear All, a counting problem occurred to my dynamo script , please kindly provide your advises.

I managed to create a logic to select all elements included in a particular category. (In my case, is “Mechanical Equipment”) The total number of the elements is 31. I created a instance parameter for each element in the category, called “Unit_No”.

Then I intend to extract the values of the “Unit_No” of each element to a excel spreadsheet, and the counting problem pops up.

You see, I create a instance parameter for each element, therefore I should totally acquire 31 parameter values from 31 elements in this category, however, I got 38 records instead. See below image.
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I realized I have a few elements that use the same type name. (For example, I have 3 loadable families called “Safety Guard”, and they all share the same type name.) Then I duplicated the type name of each “Safety Guard”, and somehow the counting problem has been solved.

Has this counting problem ever occurs to you guys? How to solve this problem? and why I can solve this problem by duplicate the type name of the elements of a family?

Another question is how can I simultaneously extract instance parameter and type parameter into a excel spreadsheet?

Get rid of FamilyInstance.Symbol and FamilyInstance.ByFamilySymbol and your problem goes away.

Alternatively, if you want to have your output grouped by family types, insert a List.UniqueItems between the two nodes.


Thank you for your help, i solved my big problem on my work.

I have another question, can you help me ?

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