Two issues : Installation and Element.GetParmaterValueByName function


I 've got two issues :

1- After install the version ==> clicking into Revit the Dynamo Icon ==> Dynamo software doesn’t start. Starting manualy from the folder Program file ==> it appear i doesn’t have Revit functions (for your information My Revit version : Revit 2015 R2 20140905_0730(x64))… Do you know the workaround solution?

2- Unsing the version (it work with my revit) ==W when i try to get parameter from element by name, i’ve got an issue concerning name with accent for instance “Niveau supérieur”.

I use a Revit with French interface (see the screen capture) Do you know the workaround solution?

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Olivier BaDynamoyle Autodesk

only workaround is to use either the english version of revit or / and avoid localized special-characters

Hi Peter,

Ok, i understand but i will be difficult to give this answer to a customer and doesn’t contribute to use easy Dynamo.

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Unfortunately I’ve got the exact same problem with the Elevation (“Elévation” in French).

Hope a solution will be developed soon…