Two Instance Parameters with the same name, how to get both?


I am trying to get the “Insulation Thickness” value from a duct fitting. There are two parameters with this name, 1 under the “Insulation” group, and 1 under the “Mechanical” group. I need the value under the “Insulation” group which is 25mm, but it keeps giving me the value under the “Mechanical” group which is 0.
I have tried the “Get built in Parameter” node but I get a very different value to 25mm.

Could anyone help me get the value under the “Insulation” group?

Thank you!

@Sigma I’m not expert but would you not want to filter it by type and then get the parameter. Just a thought :wink:

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Not the ‘answer’ but it will hopefully point you to it: Revit uses decimal feet for pretty much all measurements under the hood, and converts to the project values for display. So… What is 25mm in feet?

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Hi Jacob,

Thank you, I was so close…

I tried this earlier but I thought it was going to be in inches not feet, so I tried converting from inches to mm which obviously didn’t work:)
Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes looking at it.

Thanks very much!

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Thanks for your response JocoYo, I got what I was looking for below :slight_smile:

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