Rebar Dimension Parameters

I am having a little problem with getting rebar instance parameters. I the bottom part of the script, you will see i try you take out the dimensions of the rebar. The problem is when i get the value of the parameter out, it’s not what it should be. i want it in milimeters.

What can i do??

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Daniel.Gheorghe

You could just type in code block x*304.8 to get the value in mm. Cheers!

Thank you for replying and for the solution, but i still want to know, why i can’t take the value in mm directly

if you use getParameterByName do you get the right value?

What is the storageType for this parameter?

What are you units set to in revit, and what versions?

This is fixed Here, and will be available in 1.3.3 or, if you can’t wait, in one of the daily builds.


Ok. Thank you very much!