Two corresponding lists needing to match again after filtering one


I have two lists (the two watch nodes in the left side of the picture). These two list are the unique values and the counts of each value.

For the top list I am going through and eliminating any blank rows unless there are only blank then its left.

So at the end of this I am left with a list that doesn’t match the counts.

In the bottom right corner of the picture I am attempting to go through the count list and eliminate the items that was eliminated in the other list.

The warning says, “Warning: List.GetItemAtIndex operation failed. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index”

Any direction on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.


Try a different angle: When you filter list one, use the same mask to filter list two.


Right now after I filter the list i end up with a shorter list, not a list of booleans that the List.FilterByBoolMask is expecting.

So I’m trying to create list of booleans from my returned list by using the Equals(ObjectA,ObjectB) node. I’m comparing the list before I filtered it to after, but that isn’t giving me the results i’m looking for.

Or am I thinking about this wrong.


Here is an updated screenshot of what I just said I was trying to do.


I wasn’t able to figure out the List.FilterBoolMask way.

I ended up using the Springs.Dictionary.ByKeysValues node and that gave me the results that I wanted.

Wanted to post this in case someone else has or will have the same issue.