Twisted Tower Definition

I am trying to create a twisted tower definition using a series of profiles that have been lofted to create a solid. I have built the profiles and have them as one list, and I can make a solid from them right now, but I can’t quite to seem to make them rotate, individually or as a group. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I am uploading the file with this post. It was built in 0.7.0

Tower Definition

Hi Theodore,

I’ll try and take apart this workflow a little later. Here is a similar kind of form I did a couple days ago using translate and rotate functionality in a recent daily build.


Thanks Zach, that’s awesome. I will be sure to try and rebuild that on my own so that I actually learn the thinking behind it.

Bah, I know see that I have two of these accounts apparently… I will have to take care of this, Thanks though.