Turning boolean/List.Filter into geometry again


I have two different geometries, used geometry.doesintersect to get T/F, used List filter to only grab the Trues (geometries that are intersecting). Is there a way to turn these booleans back to geometry format?

I want to visualize where the ‘trues’ are located but clicking on list.filter node doesn’t give me a highlight since its just a boolean.

Thank you very much in advance.

Use List.AllIndicesOf with true as your arguement.

Then use List.GetItemAtIndex, feed your original list in and use the indices from previous node.

If you then click on the List.GetItemAtIndex node it will highlight all the true elements

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hello, thank you for your response.
I tried to replicate your guide but List.GetItemAtIndex is still not showing the selected ‘true’ elements
do you have any idea what I might’ve done wrong?

thank you in advance.

you could also use a list.filterbyboolmask node

thank you for the suggestion but that node still does not give me the highlights of whats ‘true’ values on the dynamo screen.

Thats because you’re feeding in the wrong input into your List.GetItemAtIndex

You want to feed in the original list of ELEMENTS

Essentially you want to get the ELEMENTS and the indexes you’ve specified.

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