Turn off Unicode control character type

Hi I have used node called Export PDF from crumple (wonderful package developed by @GavinCrump) but I am facing one issue after printing into pdfs.

I want to have pdfs without showing the Unicode character type. After printing I am getting this weird text of Unicode control character type. Can anyone please tell me how to turn off these?

PF the screenshot for your reference. I don’t want such unicode types present in the pdfs.

Thanks in advance

Id suggest trying other fonts and print drivers to see if its caused by those. This probably isnt a dynamo specific issue.

Hi @GavinCrump even after changing font style and print properties still the same issue I am facing. I am not able to export pdf by removing that unicode control character type used in the dimensions. Can you please tell me how to hide or remove that? That’s so weird in the pdf.

Do we have any solution that override the dimension text will try to hide Unicode control character type.

Hi Shashank,

Does this problem not occur when using the PDF export function or print function in Revit (without Dynamo)?

As Gavin said, this seems like a font/printer issue.

Hi @MVE1112 this problem occurs even using dynamo or without using dynamo like PDF export option in revit. When we export sheet into pdf(not print) then I am facing issues. Please let me know if I have any solution left

Last option i can think or is try a different pdf viewer. Maybe the one you use doesnt do unicode?

I am using PDF xchange editor and even I have tried with Adobe. But not working. :roll_eyes:

Instead of export I used the print option to convert sheets into pdf so that if any unicode characters are used in the dimension they can be printed as it is showing the sheets. This solves my issue temporarily but still I can’t find the exact issue where it is going wrong!! :roll_eyes:

For export I have checked in many viewers but still the same issue with unicode characters. Please let me know if anyone finds the solution or got the issue.