Tspline edge extrusion

Hi guys, I’m trying to extrude a selected edge on a Tspline surface. I have been able to do it to border edges, but the node TsplineSurface.ExtrudeEdges does not responds when fed with inner edges of the Tspine. Is this even possible in Dynamo Tspline? I know that you can push and pull the inner edges of Tspline shape in Rhino to adjust the overall shape, is that type of adjustment not possible with Dynamo Tspline?

tspline edge extrude.dyn (28.9 KB)


May not be the suggestion you’re looking for, but try extruding corresponding faces instead

tspline edge extrude.dyn (27.6 KB)

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You could also considering beveling the edges and extruding the faces obtained

tspline edge extrude.dyn (35.6 KB)

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