Autodesk.point in design script instead only point

while i’m writing script in codeblock there is no such thing point.coordinates but Autodesk.point.coordinates.
Why am i getting this?

so i found Wombat package was making this nuisance. Its working fine after i uninstalled this package. But i still need this package for some nodes. :confused: is there any way to fix this?

Use, Autodesk.Point.ByCoordinates(x,y,z) in your code block.

There are quite a few examples of conflicting definitions from installed packages on the forum.

A Package developers way of defining the point may be different to the core way Dynamo was creating one. This could have all kinds of things to do with the specifics of the package, but by being really specific when composing your processes you can avoid this kind of issue.

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