Trying to debug Dynamo Core - I have no Dynamo.config file


I am very new to both Revit and Dynamo, but experienced in c#. I downloaded the source code as zips and successfully compiled both DynamoRevit.2013.sln and Dynamo.All.sln. For now, I dont want to develop anything new. I simply want to be able to debug the code to understand it.

I can attach my debugger to Revit and set a breakpoint in the OnStartup method in VersionSelectorApp.cs; all that works fine.

According to, I should have a Dynamo.config file now, which I think I should use to tell Dynamo to use the debug versions of the DynamoCore. That is where I want my breakpoints.

That file does not exist anywhere on my machine. I am currently trying to find the spot in the code that might read that file to see if I can hack it. But that surely isnt the right way to go.

I would apprechiate if somebody could help me see what I am doing wrong or point me to a sample file that I could use.

Many thanks

Hi @Jens.Deininger

You can refer this topic