Trying to calculate the distance between two points existing in Revit Model

Dear Friends,
I am trying to calculate the distance between two points existing in my Revit model. My approach to accomplish the task is using model lines. I have created model lines with the same style name “Route 1” and “Route 2” from point “A” to point “B” and now is trying to get the length of the model lines with same style name summed up to get the distance. But I am struggling to get the length of model lines from Revit properties to the dynamo for summing them up.

Basically, I am trying to find the length of Route 1 & Route 2 and getting exported the route length to excel. Please, check “Level -1 Raft” in the structural plan to find the model lines.

I am uploading my Revit file for better clarification.

Yes, it is possible. Something like the below
Note your file contains detail lines, not model lines

It is best to show what you have attempted in Dynamo, rather than asking for a complete solution

Dear Mr. Andrew,

Thanks for correctly pointing out the problem in my model. I am attaching my approach for your understanding and suggesting any improvement.

I really thank you for the prompt help you offered.

Thanks and Regards