Try to change subcategory

Hi all,

I’m trying to get the clockwork node SetSubcategory to work, but somehow it gives a false output every time.

It looks like I have all the components ready to make it work, to elements that I want to switch to the subcategory and the subcategory I want them to switch to.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with the node but my first guess would be to either run the graph in the family editor or run it on the family type rather than the individual instances.

In this case the Electrical Equipment family is a model-in-place component given it’s own subcategory in the model itself.

I can change the subcategory of the element manually just fine.

@Nick_Boyts is correct. That node was was written for family documents.

Has anyone run across a node that sets the subcategory of inplace families?

Hi @Ryan_Schultz2

@Andreas_Dieckmann 's has nodes for subcategories.

Per @Nick_Boyts’s comment, it appears to only work in the editor, not for inplace families.

Could you drop inplace family here?

Sure here’s the graph, and here’s the revit file.

…and the following is screenshot of graph…

Hey I am trying something similar.
In my case I would like to change the subcategorie of elements inside the background opened family. But the node Element.SetSubCategory only seems to work in the active document.

Do you guys know any solutions or workarounds for this?

For anyone trying to use the above for its intended use from within a family this is how it worked for me. Prior to that, I got confused and was looking at the above image that had category input into the elements input.