Trouble with the Springs.Form.ByGeometry

Hi all,

I’m trying to create geometry inside of a family based on model lines within the family… When I use the Select Model Elements node to select the lines everything seems to work fine and for simple cases this is ok, but when the workflow seems to be a bit more complex it is easier for me to automate which lines are selected. For this, I have used the Categories node to select the lines and then filtered the ones I needed. The problem is when I use this method with the Springs.Form.ByGeometry node it causes Dynamo to Freeze… Please see included simplified demo script.

@Dimitar_Venkov any ideas?


Form By Geometry TEST 3.dyn (11.3 KB)

You’ll need to run this graph in Manual mode. Alternatively, you could replace the “All Elements of Category” node with the “Springs.Collector.AllElementsOf” one from springs.

The issue arises from the fact that when we create the form, new elements are added to the Line category, that causes the “All Elements” node to regenerate the graph, that re-runs all of the nodes attached down the chain, causing new elements to be created and thus generating an infinite loop.


@Dimitar_Venkov thanks for the heads up about running in manual. That did the trick! As always, appreciate the time you put in to the Springs package and helping us on the forum who run into troubles. :grinning: