Spring Nodes - Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry - Am I doing something wrong?




You guys assisted Jessica.Steinjan with a similar type of model creation back in Jan '17. I therefore address this to you;

Firstly, thank you for Spring Nodes!

I have an issue with Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry… not sure if I’m doing something wrong? Let me explain, I have a series of cross-sections (of a road) which is turned into a solid with Solid.ByLoft. Everything works well, it creates the family instance, it is in the correct position in my Revit model but it is not selectable and in wireframe? It also doesn’t show in other visual styles. I have checked phases and VG, I can’t see anything weird on that front.

Attached is the family instance created by the node as well as some screenshots… (I can’t upload as I’m a new user…??)

This shows the wireframe instance, not selectable

This shows the shaded view indicating the family still as wireframe.

This is my node configuration…

And here is the Mass Family created in Revit but as mentioned above, it is “locked”?

I’m running Revit 2018.2 and Dynamo

Please help if you can?


I’ve seen that behavior before. It seems like there’s a limit to the overall size and complexity of the SAT objects imported in Revit. (being too far away from the internal origin might be an issue too)

You can test this out by saving your road solid to a new sat file with the “ExportToSAT” node. If you import the resulting file in AutoCad, it imports ok but if you try to import it into Revit, you see the result shown above.

What I’ve done in such situations is split the solid into multiple pieces. Since you’re already using a loft, that should hopefully be relatively easy.

[ Spring Nodes ] Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry-revit geometry incomplete

Thank you Dimitar, I will give that a try today and keep you posted!



I forgot to mention in my first post, The Springs.BrepShape.ByGeometry would be my preferred solution but is returns a “failure” when creating the solid? If I simplify the cross-sections used for the solid.byloft action it works well!! Unfortunately the cross-section can’t be changed. I guess it can’t solve the geometric shape? I will try this node again with smaller chunks of the solid. Will keep you posted!

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Interesting. The brep node should work fine for lofts. It’s only (Revit based) limitation is closed surfaces like spherical, cylindrical or rotated faces.


Hi @stefan.oberholzer

Is it possible to drop dummy files here?


Hi @Kulkul

Here is the Mass family created, it works fine opening the family itself but as mentioned gives issues in my project file itself. My project file is 110mb unfortunately…

Thank you for your help!!


Looks like the site won’t allow for files larger than 3mb?


@stefan.oberholzer I saw your mass family it shows me in wireframe and everything works well.



This is the family instance created by the Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node in my project which I saved to see if it works. Yes, as you say, the family itself works fine and if loaded into a new project file. The screenshots in my original post is from my project file in which I run Dynamo and the family was created. I will test Dimitar’s proposal today for cutting the loft in smaller chunks to see if that is the issue.

Thank you!



Gents, it seems like my 3D View was “broken”… I deleted the 3D view and created a new one, now the family instance works as it is supposed to! Thank you all for your willingness to help!

We can close this topic!

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