Trouble are with panelization

Hi all

I’m super new to dynamo environment and still finding my feet somewhat in terms dynamo way of doing things after using similar system in the past(GH, GC). I have built the startings of penalization script in which I am to control the panel width using a csv sequence ( this coming about after doing a series of project with different curtain panels grids and being sick of manipulating grid by hand) .

I have have to the bones of definition TEST O6 however I do not seem to be able to place adaptive component on within quad generated using domain mapped uv on a refrece face.


Could any one give me hand and I am a bit stuck after several days of pulling the definition apart and trying several less successful methodologies






You are feeding the wrong number of rows into the quad component. Take the length of the lower list (3) minus 1 instead.

Also: it usually makes more sense to use the Adaptive Component By UVs On Face node. It’ll save you the trouble of making XYZs (get rid of the Evaluate Surface node) and the placement points of the adaptive components will inherit the orientation of the surface normals at their respective points of placement (usually makes a huge difference when you’re populating non-horizontal surfaces).

Finally, you might also want to have a look at this paneling example that utilizes panel width ratios:

(Slightly reworked example from this thread: