Trim and retrieve surface in solid

How can I trim and retrieve the surface in the solid? Is there a node that show surface = inside/outside solid?

Assuming you want to get the surface which is inside the solid, Geometry.Intersect should do the trick.

Thanks for your answer! Do you know what I did wrong with this one? Is the surface just too small?geointersectfailed

Hard to say, but I would guess it may have to do with how your solid is built. Can you post the data?

Try to make your intersecting planes larger than the solid in all directions. Sometimes boolean operations fail when you have coincident edges.

Tried scaling but it doesn’t work.

It is a solid by joined surfaces. surface intersect.dyn (627.5 KB)

I had the same issue when trying to intersect the planes with the solid. I think this solid is too complex with the curved surfaces for Dynamo’s geometry engine. There must be some sort of bug.

As a workaround, I intersected the surfaces (before you joined them to a solid) with the planes instead of the solid, and that worked. You can then create a surface from these perimeter curves.

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This one worked. Thank you!

Surface by patch? or do you mean surface by perimeterpoints?

Surface by patch.

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