Moving Title blocks and views to different origin

On a recent project, I went through and completely coordinated the breakout plans / guide grids based upon an origin in our template that was incorrect. I’ve since corrected the issue in my model, but because of the error in our new template, I have to move hundreds of viewports and titleblocks to the correct spot.

I was able to find/modify a dynamo workflow for moving all the title blocks objects back to the correct origin (it’s attached). I would like to add some nodes that move the viewports on each sheet by the same values that the title block moves. This is proving to be a challenge so far – I can get the difference coordinates, but can’t find a way to associate those coordinates back to the sheet view and viewports themselves.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? We can’t select all viewports in the project and move them by the same amount, because some title blocks are on origin and some are not. I’ve accepted that the guide grids will need to be moved manually. Title Blocks to Origin with Views.dyn (11.8 KB)