Translate of 2 points based on an array

Hey everyone,

I have this scheme and I try to translate these 2 points, based on the array of IN[1] in the yTranslation
How I should create the array to be able to translate it?

Thank you!

maybe just plug in the code block into the Geometry.Translate yTranslation?


Have you tried plugging the array in the Geometry.Translate node and set the node lacing to Vectorial Product ?

The scheme is working but does not create the array.

Input your list of yTranslation values and set the geometry list level to @L1.

Hi Nick,

It works, but I need an array from the first number to those 5 specific distances.

I’m not sure I follow. That’s what it should do. Unless you mean 5 different arrays - in which case, what spacing are you using?

I want only 1 array of the translated points but to respect de distances like :

Geometry.Translate only translates the input points. You’ll have to sum up each spacing to the total translation distance. The Ampersand package has a Math.PartialSums node that will do this for you, or you can use a few ootb nodes to get the same result.