Dynamo script for transfer project standards

Hi, I am totally new in Dynamo. I would like, if possible to set up a script that automatically tranfers project standards from one Revit file, called Revit Template, to another Revit file called son file. The idea here is that when I change these standards in the parent file, the son file updates these standards when opened. It is any way I can do this?
Thank you

Hi @m.montijano ,

Could you maybe elaborate with some screenshots about which “standards”/ settings you want to transfer from one project to another project?

Also why wouldnt you/ your organisation use a Revit template as standard where everything is set up correctly?

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Imagine you create a project template with a series of wall types, floors, view templates, phasing, families with specific parameters and so on. And you create certain number of projects using that template. Imagine you have created 50 buildings using that template, and for whatever reason, you need to change a wall configuration that will affect all of the projects. You change that wall configuration in the template, but how do you change that configuration in the rest of the projects without having to open one by one and use the transfer project standard tool, which would be very tedious?

If it is there any other way to solve this issue, please let me know. Thanks