Transfer view template from linked file

How do I transfer a specific one View template from linked file?
So far I cannot sort out View templates in the linked files.

Transfer view template from linked file.dyn (12.7 KB)

Try Transfer Single
Its a plugin on the autodesk store
I think its free (not sure)

Hello @julian.cobe

I´m doing the same with viewtemplates from other documents.
Use the Clockwork node View.IsViewTemplate+ :slight_smile:

@gerhard.p my clockwork (latest version 2.3.0) doesn’t have this node.
Or am I missing something?

Hello @julian.cobe could something here help…


Another option is this nice free addin from TwentyTwo…can be found in appstore…


@sovitek Thanks - that free addin solves the issue.
However I can see that my Clockwork has problems? I have reinstalled newest version of Clockwork and still shows me this:

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Strange…but If it just a passtrough you can do something…

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It`s under Clockwork>Revit>Views

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Yes and an OOTB node in dynamo 2.10 here…not sure in your version

Something is wrong with my Clockwork, maybe I will make another topic for that.
I miss many of the clockwork nodes.

This one doesn’t work for linked files.

hmmm…think it works fine for me… im in dynamo 2.10…not sure in your version…but any way i normally use twentytwo for that…but still hope you will find an solution for your clockworkpackage

The problem of the the OOTB node is that it gives null values for some “views”. In my case these are the Projectbrowser and the Systembrowser.

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true…thats why i clean the list with genius loci

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My bad, it actually works. Just had to solve the nulls.

The List.Clean node @sovitek uses is also one of the nodes i use the most, get the genius loci package @julian.cobe :slight_smile: