Tracking used packages in a Dynamo file


Dear all,

Is there a code or way that I can find the packages that are used in a project? For example I have downloaded 10 packages but I did not use all of them, is there a way to find out which packages I have used? It’ll be troublesome to manually check my code one by one if I have a very complicated model.

Thank You!


Have a look at the audit node in the Sastrugi package :slight_smile:


There have been a few discussions around this, a good one here:

This is where I was inspired to create my node, but others like @Yna_Db have done some awesome work around this.

@truevis has a great website node search project underway here also:

And @john_pierson has the awesome What-The-Node custom package.


You can also try the new View Extensions


I also just recently published our extension, Monocle for 2.0 (installer for 1.3.3 included in extra folder) which includes package usage analysis.


Wow! Thanks guys! so many ways to get it!

Really appreciate all your help in this @Jonathan.Olesen, @Ewan_Opie, @m.rijsmus and @john_pierson!