Tracking used packages in a Dynamo file

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Is there a code or way that I can find the packages that are used in a project? For example I have downloaded 10 packages but I did not use all of them, is there a way to find out which packages I have used? It’ll be troublesome to manually check my code one by one if I have a very complicated model.

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Have a look at the audit node in the Sastrugi package :slight_smile:


There have been a few discussions around this, a good one here:

This is where I was inspired to create my node, but others like @Yna_Db have done some awesome work around this.

@truevis has a great website node search project underway here also:

And @john_pierson has the awesome What-The-Node custom package.


You can also try the new View Extensions


I also just recently published our extension, Monocle for 2.0 (installer for 1.3.3 included in extra folder) which includes package usage analysis.


Wow! Thanks guys! so many ways to get it!

Really appreciate all your help in this @Jonathan.Olesen, @Ewan_Opie, @m.rijsmus and @john_pierson!

Thanks a lot :wink: This is just awesome…

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installed the latest Sastrugi package… but the audit node is not there

I deprecated the node for my v2.0.0 release (mentioned on my website ) due to innovations in similar workflows from other package and extension authors such as the #monocle extension by @john_pierson

Also the new versions of Dynamo being released by the team are including this kind of helpful functionality OOTB.

I am glad that this is an area where so much collaboration has been undertaken to provide better solutions.


I would say this is the solution, very happy using it, just what I need

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Thanks for the feedback! :blush:

Also, I wanted to share that the latest update to Monocle has a “boring mode” (meaning it doesn’t use the doge meme the same way). But it has more features and keyboard shortcut now.

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Please put this package for revit 2018.3, it does not exist but even better because showing counts and showing package versions!!!

I got suggestion, I would like t get copied the Dynamo package versions used in clipboard in a concatenated list for example now the node copies to clipboard:

Clockwork v.2018.4.301
LunchBox v.0.2.1

And I would like to get just this because I normally paste it in a single Excel file field:

Clockwork v.2018.4.301, LunchBox v.0.2.1

And how many Python nodes are used, as number count would be amazing.

Hmm, it should be available in that version too if you update on the package manager.

I’ll be honest, the second I read ‘boring mode’ I assumed you hid an image of a drill somewhere.

:eyes: :writing_hand:

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