Tower: Shift List Problem



I’m trying to shift the list of points of each floor in order to create a sort of diagonal bracing.

In order to do so, I’m feeding the “amount input” with a number sequence in order to have the shifting increasing by 1 at each floor.

The points per floor are grouped in their own list.

I’ve been trying both flattening the sequence number and “brancing” it or grouping ech values in its own list, but still no result.

Can someone enlighten me?





You can manage this in several ways. The one you are trying is maybe not the easier. Normally the simples way is:

1-Organize group of 4 points (quads) from your list of lists of points of every level. You can find several custom nodes in the package manager related to quads. Anyway, I just uploaded Quads From Points Lists.

2-Define how to make the diagonal with a group of 4 points. You will manage the list of group of 4 points via transpose or with a custom function.

Here I explained in detail how to do all of this in a very similar situation:


Thanks Eduardo P. Roca for detail explanation and your packages.

@ Lv2311 You can write simple functions to combine two or more list based on your requirement.

.Look at below attached image. I wrote two functions getEveryTwo and getAlternateTwo.

getVEveryTwo will return you every two elements from first two list.

getAlternateTwo will return you alternate two elements from first two list.





@Eduardo P. Roca, @Ritesh Chandawar,

Thank you so much for your support. Everything works smoothly now!