How to regroup list of points between 2 curve?

hi all,

how can I create a list of points which rearrange the point along 2 curve as 4 points in a group like in image 1 ?
thank you in advance

Hello @ck_BA ,

Can you please explain the next step.
By assuming you got the group of point(1,2.3 & 4) then what about next group?


List.Chop to get pairs of points.
List.Reverse to swap the 3-4 point in the second list. List.Create to join the two lists of sublists together I to one list of lists of sublists.
List.Transpose to get a list of lists of pairs of sublists.
List.Flatten to remove unwanted structure.


Regroup List.dyn (22.6 KB)

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Hi Jain,

That will be option 1, i will try your method , update you again :slight_smile:

Hi Jacob,

I am testing your method as well, how do group the list A & B?

See if you can figure out this graph …

panels.dyn (26.2 KB)


How to get such amazing layout in Dynamo ?

You can get it by downloading one of the more recent Dynamo Sandbox daily builds from here

Thanks alot

this worked, together with Vikram explanation ,I am glad that the answer to reorder the point is in the file like the screenshot, amazing that you all can read mind !!