Toposurface intersection with section view


I’m working with toposurface in revit, and i want to make a detail line in a section.
I found this node (See picture), and it does the job just fine.
But my problem is that my toposurface is really big (72000 m2). The consequence is that my revit and dynamo close down.
So my question, is there another way to achieve the same result??


Split the toposurface into sections.

You could also try exporting the topography to SAT, export the location and normal of the view plane to a CSV, close Revit and Dynamo, import the topography stl into Dynamo Sandbox, import the CSV data and build the view plane, intersect the view planes with the STL mass (should get a surface), save the surface to another SAT, open Revit and Dynamo, import the new SAT data into Dynamo for Revit, get the perimeter curves, and build your detail lines.

To split the surface into smaller pieces is, an option, but if there was someone there know a different way, where that wasn’t needed, would that be nice.
The other alternative, is to complicated. The point behind all this, is to make it simpel.

Dynamo for Civil 3D might also expedite. Can you post a project with your toposurface and a few elevation views (delete everything else).

Here is an empty project with a toposurface. And the script that i’m using.
Project1.rvt (4.0 MB)
Toposurface line in section.dyn (11.3 KB)