Topology Optimisation

Has anyone had any luck with using dynamo for creating “natural” looking shapes similar to topology optimisation? My aim is to have a cube or sphere, and basically just remove certain surfaces and points at random. I’ve had a quick check through the forums and packages but haven’t found anything.

Hi @voss836

I’ve been using Meshmixer for mimicking rockwork a year ago.
You’ll need the meshtoolkit package for Dynamo to import it back into Revit.


Is meshmixer the name of the block in Dynamo? I’m after something that can remove geometry once it’s been created. I have a cube, and multiple spheres at random within the cube. Do you know of a way I can remove the spheres without the cube being completely solid again?

So you want to perform the exercise shown here (specifically the Solid.DifferenceAll portion)?

Yes that worked thanks. Didn’t see that block before

Please mark the solution so others can find it in the future.