Attaching TOPO to the bottom of the Floor (road)

Hello everyone
My first post here, and I get a lot of help from you.
First of all thank you very much.

I have a road design (in the floor category) at Link.
The topography is in my model, an existing and the new phase.
I want to edit the topography points that it will be at the bottom of the road.

Anyone have an idea how to proceed …? Thanks! Att pic

Hi Zamir,
Not easy stuff !
I guess your topography is on a slope down, and maybe your floors have scissor lines ?
And that the building pad tool was not relevant in your case…

True, this is a topography area located at the edge of a cliff
Therefore the Z values are extreme
The floor was created by dynamo - topo point to floor slab. not line.
that floor now have too many slopes so the PAD tool can’t help me…

Maybe trying that kind of process :

But not sure it will succeed !
It is hard to work on topo in revit because we can not control the way it is triangulate. And you will have issues with embarkment ans excavation slopes.
Best is to work in Civil3D : we can create breaking lines.
Or maybe a solution is to work with meshes, using vertex groups…

This process is better :