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how can I do slope analysis I have topo model in Revit

What is a slope analysis? How would you calculate this manually?

Remember this community isn’t a ‘solve my problem for me’ community so while we can (and will) help as best as we can, so typically need to put in a bit more to get something good out.

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Here’s a few blogpost about this:

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slope analysis is analysis the gradient of topography whether its gradual or steep.

Thanks for responding !!
I tried the dynamite analyzing but couldn’t get it right , i m just new to dynamo … during the process was unable to find command (mesh face vertices , rather it was mesh face indices ) really appreciate if someone can correct me here

Seems like you’re missing some custom nodes. You will need to download the relevant packages

If you’d like to do it with OOTB nodes refer to this post …

The file posted there was created on an older version of Dynamo, but should mostly still work.

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I attempted the graphs within the Dynamite link, but nothing would work.

I tried the following, but how to l see in the 3D view the colourised entity?

I am actually trying to generate a bathymetry of the topography within Revit.


I am trying to represent a topography to reflect its bathymetry, but having tried numerous methods, l am not get anything.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Here is my attempt so far…