Top Offset column intersection (How to make Columns intersect by top offset )

Intersection.dyn (15.0 KB)

Hello Currently I have this script in which I am trying to extend the top offset of the columns to intersect the generic model , The thing is that this generic model have a slope and as you can see in the figure all of the columns are assigned the same top offset . What am I missing here what should I do or add which nodes so that the intersection works perfectly ?

Hello @ahmadkhalaf7892, currently you are not really checking if you have any kind of intersection, that’s why you are failing to get intersection geometry and you should try to do that. I did a similar script a while ago that could give you inspiration for your future endeavours

ElementIntersect.dyn (24.7 KB)
P.S in order for Element.Location node to work you need to change the column style to -Slanted - End Point Driven, then you will be able to get a column generating curve that can be used later for intersecting geometry recovery.
Screenshot 2022-04-12 231634
you can change it back after you are done
Also, currently. the script will work if your columns are already clashing, otherwise, just extend the curve

Hi Kristaps
thanks a lot I will check it tommorow and ask right not its after midnight here . But Again I really appreciate the help seems like the nodes that I was missing here

yeah give it a go, you were on the right path, just keep on trying and you’ll get there! Good luck!

Thanks a lot Mate