Families Intersection(How to make Columns Intersect with Families ) extend the Column

is there anyway where I can make the columns intersect the generic models ? By that I mean Can I extend the columns to just touch the gray Generic Model using Dynamo ? I know it is a weird thought , but it could help a lot in the process I am doing and I have no idea if it is achievable or not

‘Select model elements’ node to select the columns. Then SetParameterValue.ByName node to change the 'Top offset ’ of the columns.

Thanks a lot this seems like an approach but suppose that I want the columns to directly intersect the above element is that Achievable ?without me adding numbers I want to just select the elements and the other element and make them intersect is that possible

I’m not at a computer so I can’t draft something. But you can get the center location line of the column using ‘Element.Location’ node. Then you can use a ‘Curve.Extend’ node to extend this location line upwards. Next you have to get the geometry of the Generic Models using ‘Element.Geometry’ node. This is found in the Revit/Elements/Element section of the node library. Finally you can use an Intersection node get the point where the column center line and generic model geometry intersect.

There are further steps required to get the height difference between current column height and your desired height. But the final step is once again to set the ‘Top Offset’ of the columns but this time the number is generated/found automatically not manually inputted.

Thanks a lot ,but may I know what is the intersection node that I should use ?
Again thanks a lot this seems like an interesting approach . I also had to go so I will try it tommorow and inform you


You could try this one. The process is going to get complicated. Because when a curve intersects a solid it generates a shorter curve inside the solid where the 2 meet. But if a curve intersects a face/surface a point is generated where the 2 meet.

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Hi Simon ,
First of all thanks for the help , but as you can see from the script that you helped me with it is working but the problem is that the generic model have a slope upwards , some of the column’s offset are not added correctly do you know how can I Fix this ?

Hi @ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

If the Generic Model has different heights you will have to import that height value into Dynamo per Column to make sure every Column is in the correct height.

To do this I would suggest creating a vertical line from your columns and intersecting that line with your Generic Model, then with this distance/ 2 points you have enough information to determine the needed height.

Hi Daan , thanks for the guidance , do you know what nodes exactly here might help in the process ?

Element.Location, Element.Geometry, Line.ByPointAndDirection & Geometry.Intersect.

However these are just suggestions, I would suggest searching internally in the Dynamo search box or on the Dynamo Dictionary:


Thanks a lot will try and keep you updated

Hi Dan , The generic model is considered as one element in the model but as you noticed it have a slope upwards ,
how can I create a vertical line from my columns that intersect the generic model
and how can I get the height of the generic models

@ahmadkhalaf7892 Top Offset column intersection (How to make Columns intersect by top offset ) - #2 by kristaps.rusis I replied to your earlier post