Tool crop view from room shape with offset from steam nodes package is not working properly


Toolcropviewfromroomshapewithoffset from steamnodes is not working properly.
Sorry for the title but the page was annoying me with the title. The automatic grammar tool is not working…Uff

I am trying to create crop views of rooms. I created the views with the tool CeilingPlanView.ByLevel or FloorPlanView.ByLevel in the same script. I add transaction Start and Transaction End after change names, apply templates and it does not work when the number of views is over 6, for example, or if I try to do with all rooms or 12 for example it does not work.

I have tried to apply List.Map but I have had the same result ;null So views are not crop properly.

I have tried to create the views with duplicate but the result is the same; null

Notice the views are created but the crop is not applied.
With the small amount of rooms they can be from different level and use different view so this is not the issue apparently.

I do not want to use Archilab crop because it works with “bounding boxes” and it is not suitable for the project.

I am blocked because I do not know what else I can try to sort out this issue.
Does anyone any suggestion?

With only 6 rooms

Dynamo 2.0.3 and Revit 2017.2

Thank you in advance.

Are these the first 6 items in the other list? If the first fails the rest may force fail as well.

Typically when I see a Transaction.Start feeding directly into a Transaction.End node it indicates something with the larger workflow could be simplified, perhaps circumventing the issue entirely. Can you post the full dyn and a sample rvt to run it on?

I have checked in other project with a bigger number (25 rooms) and I have exactly the same problem.

I assume the tool could have problems when offset the polygon and some lines disappear because the offset but I assume something was implemented in the node to avoid that but no. I set a smaller offset and they worked. I am going to try in the same project I used yesterday to check but I think this is the fail issue. The tool cannot manage the offset of small lines sometimes appear in the rooms polygon which make them disappear due to the offset. I know most of them should be avoidable if the rooms were drawn properly but this is something I expect to happen often, many of the people in the office use Revit badly, very bad practice. Maybe I could remove the rooms which this happens to add a different offset…or other idea. Any suggestion? I understand it has to be difficult but ideally the tool should manage this issue and go on with the next room instead an awful null…