Toggle CAD visibility with Dynamo

I am trying to toggle the visibility of a linked CAD file. I have found where I can change the visibility of the layers with BimorphNodes:


this however only toggles the layers (the boxes within the red box). I want to toggle the file itself (the yellow box) for every view.


I cannot use another view template. Thank you in advanced for the help!


Yes, you can. But that is controled with the visibility of the active view.
You can do it through view template or just hide in active view :).

Example for methods:

I am wanting to enable the CAD file, do some stuff, then disable it again. So a view template wont work and I have to disable the CAD file for every view.

I achieved what I was looking for by using View.SetCategoryVisibility from MEPover . I selected the element I wanted and fed that into an Element.GetCategory node that was then fed into the SetCategoryVisibility node. Then I used View.All from Orchid to apply the change to all views.

CADVisibility.dyn (9.0 KB)