To make suitable change in dimension in Penetration sleeves with respect to duct size

I have took dynamo file from and made some changes according to my project.

Im trying to do changes in penetration sleeve height/width/thickness and offset with respect to duct size.(family name for penetration sleeve = family 1 )

Say, duct width is 800mm so my sleeve width = duct width 800mm + 50mm.
similarly sleeve height = duct ht (500mm) + 50mm
sleeve thickess(wall depth) = wall thickness.
sleeve offset = duct offset

Im trying hard but its not working.
Im adding dynamo file and revit 2018.3 file. Please share any of your view on it - it would be helpful.

Walls Pipes intersection - WORKING -duct correction.dyn (79.6 KB)
Refer revit 2018.3 file

( family name for penetration sleeve = family1, generic model )

Hi Nissal,
I was the one that created the Walls Pipes intersection script (with much guidance).

I tried opening your model and script. It appears that you are using Dynamo 2.0. I initially built it in 1.3 due to stability issues, and that’s exactly what I’m experiencing with yours. I get a hard crash every time I try to open your script. It may be due to one or more of the packages that were upgraded (Bakery and Clockwork), so I can’t even troubleshoot it. I could try swapping out the nodes with others from different packages, but right now I can’t even open your script. I tried opening your script in 1.3 but it gave me a corrupt file error.

Try rebuilding with 1.3 and see if you get the same results.


this is node diagram from dynamo 2.0.2

I had commented on this same node diagram.

Please suggest like how to extract these duct parameters and feed it in sleeve. It would get generalize for all ducts

Meanwhile i will rebuild in 1.3 and upload it here.

And Thank you again for your script @jatkinsonWQS9Q :blush:

Hi @Nissal,

I’ve done some tests to help you with what you want to do. Please review.

11.dyn (85.9 KB)

Yes it worked.

Thank you so much Durmus and @jatkinsonWQS9Q :blush::wink: