Title Case Node

I’m a new user, fresh from some basic training, trying to make a script that changes the Sheet Name parameter to be Title Case. Need some consistency across our various models in the practice. I can get the script to change to both UPPER and lower case but not Title Case. Can anyone suggest a method or Node?


Thanks for the quick response John, work perfectly

And just to throw it out there; there is also a node in Zebra called String.ToCamelCase which does a similar workflow using OOTB nodes. It also adds support for creating a string with no spaces. eg: ThisIsACamelCaseStringRightHere

Either way, glad to help out! :slight_smile:


I cannot find String.ToTitle Node

Same here. Has it not been added to Rhythm yet John?

Yeah it is gone as it was an old DYF version. I am removing all DYFs to increase multi-version stability.

More info here: GitHub - johnpierson/RhythmForDynamo: A collection of nodes for use in Dynamo with Revit.

That being said, this has previously been resolved other ways.

Forgive me for not being savvy on this 100%, so is Rhythm 100% python then? I mean how do you get away from DYF and DYN’s entirely?

C# ZeroTouch Nodes :sunglasses:

Rhythm is primarily all a DLL that loads the nodes.


Ok, for my knowledge, could any DYN or DYF be loaded the same way if rewritten?

Well, originally my DYFs were in python. So switching to Zerotouch nodes required me to rewrite the code.

So I guess technically yes. But it is not a simple flip of the switch.