How to speed up Dynamo to the maximum?

Hello everyone! is it possible and if so how to speed up Dynamo? I have a script of about 4 MB and I have a hard time opening and editing it. Thanks a lot to everyone!

I don’t think there is a broad answer for this question and it’s going to depend almost entirely on what your graph is doing, the number of nodes, and what bindings it has. Can you share the graph? Also are you running it through Dynamo player or just Dynamo?

In addition to lightening the script, is there the possibility of lightening Dynamo? Thanks so much

@vise92 ,
you can break script apart to dyf files, create your own package. As you have tested part - create custom node from it.


I guess I didn’t understand … inside this heavy script, to lighten it up, should I create some custom nodes? thank you

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Try to reduce the number of nodes you are using - it isn’t Dynamo’s run speed slowing it down here I think, just the graphical pressure of showing so many nodes. 4MB is a huge script, most of mine barely surpass a few 100KB. This can be done using Python, combining repetitive branches into local or online custom nodes in a package or using design script.


Yes. Custom nodes will not take time to draw nodes and connectors. Also use Dynamo player when script is finished. I noticed in my 3mb script, that it runs 2min from player and 4min from Dynamo editor.

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Hello everyone again! Unfortunately, I still can’t decrease the size of my script. The problem is that the Custom Nodes do not work as they should … I wanted to ask you, in terms of graphics, do lines or nodes weigh more?

I would expect nodes weigh more, but I expect only the developers know the specifics.

Element bindings weigh more then nodes do


Not sure Robot has bindings… definitely something to look into though.

@vise92, try to create groups from new elements to avoid binding.