Thickness of vertical multilayer wall

I have modeled a wall in Revit that is multi-layered in the horizontal and vertical directions. Here I have output the wall thicknesses with the help of the FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers node. The problem is that when different materials are arranged vertically within a wall layer, the thicknesses of the materials within that layer become variable. For this variable thickness is output to 0. Does anyone have experience on how I can output the actual thickness? I defined this actual thickness at the beginning before I subdivided this wall layer, this original thickness is displayed to me visually, so I wonder if it is still stored and can be output.

I’d it’s a stacked wall, you’ll most likely need to get each wall type in the stacked wall and then get the Compound structure of the separate types.

It works now, thank you!
So the problem was that the wall must be divided into sub-elements, right?

Essentially, yes. The property you were looking for was a Type property but the stacked wall doesn’t give you that. By getting the individual types within the Stacked wall you can then access the property.

Good work!