The tunnel is not extruded with the family type

First of all thank you all for helping so many people selflessly. I set up a script in the examples of the forums. that an imported excel file calculate points and curves. I import the type family I order with vectors, but I do not extrude the family type. Can someone help me with this.
I put the wetransfer link with the files

Hi and welcome.
Do you have an adaptive family for the tunnel segments?

I made the family with an adaptive generic model, but I do not know if it’s correct (I’m a novice in this). I have attached the files in my first comment. Thank you

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la familia la hice con modelo generico adaptativo, pero no se si está correcto (soy un novato en esto). he adjunte los archivos en mi primer comentario. gracias

You dont have Reference Points in the family.
Make sure to use 3 or more, and set them to be adaptive.

he realizado lo que usted me ha mandado y ahora tengo 4 puntos adaptativos. pero el resultado es el mismo, yo creo que me falta pero no se como hacerlo. adjunto archivo nuevo adaptativo

I will only answer questions in english, sorry
I just can not understand spannish (yet)

I have done what you have sent me and now I have 4 adaptive points. But, the result is the same. Attachment new adaptive file

Your family is not properly constrained i.e. point 4. is not doing anything
It is a little difficult to say- but if you want the family to stretch in length but remain a constant radius for each end, you probably need to add some additional adaptive points- say 6 in total

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Thank you very much Andrew. I’ll keep trying and upload the file with the new results. about Dynamo scrip is fine?. Or you think I should approach it differently?


Is that exactly what you want to do?

Adap.Comp.Tunnel.dyn (85.7 KB) Family2.rfa (428 KB) tous doc.rfa (800 KB)



that looks good to me

if that is correct the result. what I’m going to look at the scpript, to be able to understand and ask you the doubts. because I would like to learn well. Thank you

Hey @Durmus_Cesur can you send me the family file in Revit 2019 version?

Hi @vinh.tran ,

Solutions have been produced and shared for this topic.
Please open up a new topic.


Hi @Durmus_Cesur
it is possible to create a tunnel,

  1. make a point family from a 3D civil polyline
  2. make a 2d profile from a cad profile
  3. perform a type of extrusion with an xyz path

How is it done more specifically?
here I attach the elements
What is the best way to do it?
can you make an example please? :slight_smile:

in revit 2019.2 please :slight_smile:


As a matter of fact, dozens of topics have been opened and resolved in the forum. You can install RVT2020 and review all the files I share in detail and do the same.

But if you’re still going to insist on it, please share a new topic with us and wait for an answer.


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