The right node to filter this back in?

Hi, Does anyone know what node i use to filter this back in with the ordered smaller list? I’ve tried Sort by key and filter by bool mask but there not the right ones

Are you trying to create one assembly for each group of elements with the same Type Mark? If so then use GroupByKey to group your sorted list of elements by the Type Mark (key).

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Thanks, I think this is what you were saying. It created the assemblies even though it says null. Cant get them to name by the type parameter correctly though. starts at Mould 4 not 1

Well the first thing I’d say is that you’re passing nulls into your assembly list. Even though the node is creating assemblies its output is still null. You’ll probably have to get all elements of category Assembly now to get the newly created assemblies in your project. You’ll likely have to pull the Type Marks again because the assemblies could be out of order (although they really shouldn’t be). You’re also sending a list of element values (Type Mark) to name a single list of assemblies. You want the unique Type Mark as the name, not a whole list of them.

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Thanks for your help Nick. I don’t fully understand nulls. Are they the extra duplicate types under each list?

In my first pick I tried pushing a single list of mould names to match the amount of moulds that would be made into an assembly. Didn’t work though with the node. Saw it done in other scripts.I reckon your right though. Ill try pull the assemblies up after there named to name again. For now i just reset revit to start at mould name one and it worked sweet.

A null is a non-existent value. They can show up for multiple reasons.
In your case, I’m guessing the assemblies were created at one point and then when you tried to recreate them the node returned nulls because the elements were already part of an assembly. Resetting Revit probably removed those assemblies so that they could be recreated when you ran the graph again. Just guessing here…

It looks like there’s something wrong with the Steam node for creating assemblies. It’s successfully creating the assembly but an error is keeping it from returning the new assembly after it’s created. @Julien_Benoit1, any ideas?

For now you can use the assembly nodes from Prorubim. They are functioning correctly.

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Thanks Nick, That package is super helpful! I was hoping there was a package with more on assemblies. I just need to figure out how to make an assembly with a group of selected elements now for scheduling purposes