The remove from list node is missing up the result list

Hi All

am having some trouble with the remove from list node
when i use it, it seems to miss up the resulting list, the order of the elements in the resulting list is scrambled all over.
what this is suppose to do is to eliminate the duplication of sheet names and numbers, so am subtracting the list of my already existing sheet names and numbers from the list that am going to create from the excel file before i continue with the sheet creation.
but as you can see, the numbers wont be matching the names anymore.

can someone help me find out how to solve this thing

thank you in advance

Hi @adiga55555

first of all, thank you for your help

but my problem is not is isolating the sheets that are not in Revit

the problem is the order in which they appear after the operation.
look the the final result of your operation

the order of the letters is not right.



exactly what i needed :smile: