The length of Number Slider is too short!

I have to pick a specific value among about 300 values.
And I find that the length of the Number Slider is too short that I cannot pick up every value in my list. The values change roughly.
Only scaling in the code mode can make the Slider larger, but it makes the background invisible.
So is there any method to extend the scale of the Number Slider? Just like the slider in Grasshopper.aa

In these cases I sometimes break things down into the 100s, 10s, and 1s, using 3 sliders.

Use the integer slider, and set the range to 0-9 for each, and label them as “hundreds, tens, ones”

Multiply each by 100, 10, or don’t multiply, and add them together.

IntegerValue = hund*100+tens*10+ones;

Would be nice to have that as a feature though. I’ll discuss with the team.


Great! Why didn’t I find this solution…Thanks a lot.

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