Text Note Script Replaces Same Text Note Each Run

I’ve made a script that takes multiple text noted selected and creates a new text note at the location and combines the text into one note. I’m using this because another script I made converts CAD details to Revit but creates separate notes for each line. I’d rather fix this by selecting them manually so the conversion script doesn’t accidentally combine too many script.

When I run the script it is replacing the same text each time. I’ve noticed that the ID for the text it generates is the same and even though it is location the node is fed is based off the new selection it changes the text note at the previous script run.

It replaces the same note each time.

Revit Dev - Detail - Single Line Concat.dyn (61.6 KB)
JDRM.TextNoteGetWidth.dyf (5.2 KB) JDRM.TextNoteSetWidth.dyf (6.9 KB)

Sounds like an element binding issue. Have you checked that front yet?

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I didn’t know that front existed. I’ll look into it.

This should help: Element Binding in Revit

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Thanks, I actually found your post before you sent it. I added the Rhythm node from the comments and it is working great now, thanks!