Text in Background

Missed the ability to label objects in the background preview while working on Space Adjacency

Couldn’t find a way, so came up with an inefficient work around.

Will be happy to know that there already exists an efficient method and that I have wasted my time :slight_smile:


This file only has the english alphabet (Upper case). Will expand it to at least include numbers.



Ian Keough has made a Dynamo Text node that works pretty much like this. Takes string, point and scale and returns curves.

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This is the link to Space Adjacency (The link in my previous post doesn’t seem to be right).

@Jostein Olsen - Was wondering if there could be another possible way (other than converting to lines and curves).

An improved version that rectifies some inconsistencies and also includes numbers

File: ABC123.dyn


Packed the above definition into two custom nodes



Also uploaded to package: Testing Waters



Is it possible to make this text vertical?

This is a really old definition, if it still works, vertical text might be possible by placing each character of the string in a sub-list