Text Auto-Fills in Code Blocks

When I type into a code block it auto-fills functions I do not want to use. For example, when I type “Point.” it automatically fills in “PointAnalysisDisplay.” before it lets me finish typing. Is there a way to turn this off?
Version 1.3.1

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Not that I’m aware of. I usually break the autocomplete before typing “.” by hitting space then backspace then “.” and continue.

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Ha this is what I do too. I’ve been secretly wondering if I’ve just been being daft this whole time but its become habit enough I don’t really notice doing it anymore, so I’ve considered it a solved issue :sweat_smile:


Thanks! Still a bit of a pain but less of one. Will just have to get used to this

the escape key also works.


Put me in team esc key!

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I find it odd that to get access to many functions in a code block, like DSCore.List.Transpose(), only a partial list of possible autofills even shows up. I wouldn’t mind autofill if it gave the user a comprehensive list of possibilities.

Also, it seems odd that one must manually enter DSCore in so many cases. Shouldn’t core functions/methods be assumed, and additional packages be required to prefix their content?

I believe this is a name collision issue as a result of other nodes. As a result the DSCore is a required addition to keep thingns clear for Dynamo. For what it’s worth List.Transpose(a) works for me (no need for th DSCore)- you may have a package causing the collision there.

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Yep, exactly what I was saying, but I wish core nodes never had to specify a prefix, only addin packages. Tie should default to core nodes.

That’s great, thanks! It seems best if you hit Esc before hitting the period, effectively disabling the Autofill for the remainder of the string. Just don’t hit esc before typing anything or it will delete the Codeblock! haha

@jacob.small @Nick_Curtis
You guys are going beyond my knowledge/comprehension, I’m still working my way though the basic tutorials. I’ll probably understand one day though :slight_smile:

I heard a rumor that this is something which may already be underway. Unconfirmed though.

Keep learning and I’m sure you will. Even for me it’s less confusing day by day. :smile: