Code block designscript autocomplete issues

Is there a way to turn off autocomplete for code block design script?

In Dynamo Revit: the DS autocomplete jumps too far and is substantially incomplete in the amount of predictive options.

For example:

Element.Parameters(e); must now be Revit.Element.Parameters(e);

1). Why the “Revit.” prefix?
2). Once you type “Revit”, the period key stroke automatically populates “Revit.Area”. User must then backspace four characters to continue… or add a space key stroke, then backspace the space to disable the autocomplete.

Not sure if there is a way to turn that off, but in some cases you don’t have to input the full expression. For instance Revit.Element.Parameters can be just Parameters as shown below. But you are correct, in the cases where you can’t avoid the autocomplete, it does get annoying having to delete out.


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Name space conflict. Another package has utilized the ‘Element’ class, and so you need to explicitly state you want to use the version in the Revit package (which comes with Dynamo for Revit) not the other package.

These types of autocomplete issues can be overcome by hitting Escape after typing Revit.

Yes these are annoyances, some of which have been addressed in newer builds (Dynamo is up to 2.19 now), but not necessarily all of them. You may want to submit an issue to the Dynamo for Revit github here: Issues · DynamoDS/DynamoRevit · GitHub


Thank you. A colleague sent me a clip from what looks like the primer and recommends that as an option to ignore.

Thanks for the input Jacob, that is very helpful. Growing pains for me it is…

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