Tessellation on Face

Hi everyone,

I have just started to use Dynamo and I’m trying to make a tessellation on the face of a conceptual mass, but the lines created by the tessellation node don’t conform to the edges of the mass.

I’m just wondering how I can make the lines conform to the face of the mass? Should there be another node in there?



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Thanks very much Vikram, seems to be working fine now.

Thank you Vikram for your illustration. I have a set of coordinates that seem to be magnified as they are put into the Voronoi node.

Would you have any idea why this is happening? Thank you~!

Ok, I’m beginning to understand how much I don’t understand about UV vs Points. It seems that they are different things.

I hope that means that you now understand that a UV coordinate would have a min value of 0 and a max value of 1
For example, if we consider a rectangular surface. (0,0) would be a point at the bottom left corner, (1,1) would be a point at the top right corner, (0.5,0.5) would be a point at the center of the surface and so on…