Take Value From List As String

I have these two cases
first, when I use string as input it shows me all available results in my systems
when I use a value from alist it just shows me the first system only
is there any way to use the value from the list and also show all available result related to it
is there any way to convert the value in the list to string to use it directly

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You need to be conscious of the list structure of the input. Based on the rank of the input list/s you might need to change the level on the input ports of nodes (click on > besides the name of the inputs to do so)

levels.dyn (17.4 KB)

It looks like the value that you want to extract is nested in another list. Try using levels to get to the core list. To do this: On the node Element.GetParameterValueByName go to the input “parameter name” click the arrow and select levels. this should fix the problem.

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Thanks, @Vikram_Subbaiah , @Cas

problem solved as mentioned

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